Russia creates system capable of spotting drone operators

The holding company Roselektronika (an affiliate of Rostec) has created a special system capable of spotting the location of drone operators, the corporation told the media on Tuesday.

"The holding company Roselektronika has developed a radio monitoring module codenamed Cheryomukha (Bird Cherry) capable of spotting drones and identifying the location of their command center," Rostec said.
In the process of testing Cheryomukha managed to determine the direction towards the drone and its operator with an error of just two degrees.
Cheryomukha is now being integrated with the drone resistance system incorporating a passive radar and radio-electronic jamming module Serp.
The passive radar spots all radio waves reflecting objects, while Cheryomukha finds out if these targets receive radio signals and if yes, whether the targets are drones, and then spots the command center.
The system is being developed by the research and development institute Vektor (affiliated with Roselektronika). It will be available in two configurations - stationary and mobile.