BAE Systems capitalizes on industrial network as armored combat vehicle production approaches

In the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, production of heavy armored combat vehicles like tanks and troop carriers almost became a lost art in America. Forbes reports. 

The sprawling BAE Systems armored vehicles manufacturing complex at York, Pa., has won orders for a new Army troop carrier and a new Marine Corps. amphibious vehicle.

The facility also is upgrading the Army's Bradley fighting vehicle and Paladin self-propelled howitzer. The company is investing heavily in new machining systems and other capital equipment to sustain an expected surge in output. To a large degree, what BAE Systems is doing at York involves building back capacity that was lost during the Obama years.

BAE Systems has booked new business in the armored-vehicle segment of the military market as Army and Marine Corps leaders worry about their reliance on Cold War combat vehicles. An industrial-base study says that more than 80 percent of new armored-vehicle production for the two services will occur at York.