Chinese 'Air Bomb Truck' CH-5 UAV Fire Live Ammo

The cutting edge Chinese drone was presented for the first time at Airshow China 2016 and has successfully passed through a series of tests since then, including trials with live ammunition against moving targets.

Recently, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp released a video showing the performance of the CH-5 "Rainbow" UAV, dubbed the "air bomb truck" for its outstanding capacity to carry up to 16 missiles. In the video, the CH-5 successfully strikes both fixed and moving targets with great precision from an altitude of roughly 6,000 meters. "Rainbow" can fly up to 60 hours, or 10,000 kilometers, without refueling.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. released a video about its latest product CH-5 UAV on Wednesday, showing the advanced combat performance and maximum bomb load of the aircraft. Due to its huge carrying capacity, the aircraft got the nickname "Air Bomb Truck." 

The video, which shows a series of tests that the drone underwent prior to conducting its maiden flight at the end of October, was released one week prior to the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, which kicks off on November 6.