Iran shows engagement radar for Talash air-defence system

The clearest images to date of the target engagement radar used with the new Talash air-defence system were released during Iran’s ‘Defenders of the Velayat Skies 97’ exercise.
The engagement radar
Photo by: possibly the Ofogh
The Talash is an Iranian system that uses the Sayyad-2 surface-to-air missile (SAM), which resembles the RIM-66 (SM-1) shipborne SAM that is in service with the Iranian navy. The Iranian military announced in November 2013 that the Sayyad-2 had entered production, saying it has a maximum range of 120 km and a maximum altitude of 27 km.
Although photographs and video footage of Sayyad-2s being launched were subsequently released, its target engagement radar, which is reportedly called the Ofogh, has only been seen in parades with its antenna in a folded position.