Russia's 5th-generation fighter jets make 10 flights in Syria

Russian Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets made 10 flights in the skies over Syria to confirm their performance characteristics, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The Russian Defense Ministry posted a video of the fighters’ flights on Twitter.
"The crews of Su-57 planes performed over 10 flights in Syria," the Defense Ministry said. "The flights were performed to confirm the stated capabilities of the newest plane in a real combat environment."
Russia tested the Su-57’s flight and technical characteristics, its intellectual information control technology, onboard systems and armament amid high temperatures, complex relief and other factors in Syria, the Defense Ministry said.
The Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter designed to destroy all types of air targets at long and short distances and hit enemy ground and naval targets, overcoming its air defense capabilities.
The Su-57 took to the skies for the first time on January 29, 2010. Compared to its predecessors, the Su-57 combines the functions of an attack plane and a fighter jet while the use of composite materials and innovation technologies and the fighter’s aerodynamic configuration ensure the low level of radar and infrared signature.