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The Army Wants This Modular, Universal System To Shield Its Armor From Rockets And Missiles

Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily get around the basic deficiencies of many active protection systems, such only being able to defeat a limited number of threats before becoming dead weight or potentially posing a danger to nearby friendly troops or innocent bystanders. So far, active protection systems are most useful against infantry anti-tank weapons, such as rocket propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles, rather than tank or artillery shells, too. An ammo-less directed energy weapon with unlimited magazine depth could be an optimal solution to many of these limitations, but there are potential limitations in these cases, too. Laser or microwave energy beams typically need significant power to remain capable at long ranges and can become unreliable when trying to penetrate through dust, smoke, and other obscurants. Those systems would also need to be powerful enough to defeat the threat in a relatively short engagement window. A viable system of this kind is still lik…


UKAP (Uzaktan Kumandalı Atış Platformu) KATMERCİLER UKAP'ı tanıttı... 

The US Navy Still Hasn't Formally Decided to Add Hellfires to Its Littoral Combat Ships

With this in mind, it seems hard to imagine the Navy wouldn’t decide to pursue the SSMM when testing wraps up and there do not appear to be any serious developmental issues to hold up that process. More importantly, without the weapons, the service would be unlikely to get as much value out of the ships at all. It’s worth noting that the Hellfires are a replacement for a far more capable concept based on the U.S. Army’s XM501 Non-Line Of Sight(NLOS) system. The AGM-114L vertical launch array fits into the empty space on both classes of LCS that was supposed to have held these weapons. The XM501 launchers were supposed to be able to fire different flavors of missile, a standard strike version with a range of 30 miles and a quasi-drone loitering model that could stay aloft for up to 30 minutes before dropping on a target. The AGM-114L has a range of around five miles, but this could be less for shipboard systems due to being vertically launched and having no altitude advantage. Source

The US Army is looking to put a massive 40mm cannon on its Bradleys and Strykers

40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon BAE Systems
BAE Systems recently showed off its new 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon at Fort Benning in Georgia. The US Army is looking to add more firepower to its Strykers, Bradleys, and other armored vehicles. The 40mm cannon fires six different kinds of rounds, able to take out a variety of armored vehicles and even older tanks. BAE Systems showed off its new 40mm cannon at Fort Benning in Georgia last week, as the US Army looks to add more fire power to its Strykers, Bradleys, and perhaps other combat vehicles, according to Defense News.
"Everything went perfectly," Rory Chamberlain, a business development manager at BAE Systems, told reporters after the cannon was fired, Defense News reported. BAE Systems is one of the largest defense companies in the world.
CTA International, a joint venture between BAE Systems and Nexter, began developing the weapon in 1994, and the gun was recently chosen by the UK and France for their new Ajax and EBRC Jaguar ar…

Russia Employs New ‘Hybrid War’ Methods Against Georgia

The Moscow-backed authorities of separatist South Ossetia released, on March 23, Georgian citizens David Gerkeuli and Iosif Gundishvili (Imedinews March 23). The two men had been arrested by South Ossetian KGB agents (the special service of this breakaway republic still carries the old Soviet name) and Russian border guards (Kavkazsky Uzel, March 22). Gerkeuli and Gundishvili were accused of “violating the state border of South Ossetia.” Relatives of the detainees told reporters that they were going to church when the agents seized them in an ambush. The arrested were released after the family paid a fine (Imedinews, March 23). Georgia does not recognize the “border” with South Ossetia and considers this territory occupied by Russian troops. After the August 2008 war, Russia violated all norms of international law by establishing an illegal “border” that passes through a number of Georgian villages. In this region of the Caucasus, where people have lived and worked for millennia, the…

Russia the 4th in Top 15 military defense spending around the world

Russia's 2017 defense spending reached $61.2 billion and provided Moscow the 4th place in the Top-15 list of the biggest military spenders around the world, the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) writes in the Military Balance 2018 analytical book.
Russian troops at rehearsal for Victory Day military parade (Picture source Army Recognition)
The first place in the list of the biggest defense budgets was held by the United States ($602 billion); however, this result was predictable. The military spending of the People's Republic of China ($150.5 billion) was ranked the 2nd by the Institute, and this estimation did not come as a surprise too. The third place was held by Saudi Arabia ($76.7 billion) while Russia occupied the fourth. India's 2017 defense spending ($52.5 billion) was also included in the list of the biggest ones. The Top-5 countries are followed by the United Kingdom ($50.7 billion), France ($48.6 billion), Japan ($46.0 billion), G…

Euronaval 2018 - What to Expect ?

The 26th edition of Euronaval will be held at the Paris Le Bourget exhibition center from 23 to 26 October 2018. Euronaval is the leading Naval Defence & Maritime Exhibition & Conference. Organized under the joint patronage of the French Ministry of Defence and Secretariat General to the Sea, Euronaval is the unique networking opportunity for industry involved in naval defence, maritime safety and security, shipbuilding, and manufacture for systems and equipments. The specialists, policy makers and buyers from all over the world come to identify the new trends and discover the materials of future. Euronaval is the leading trade show in the naval defence and maritime industry sector.

Deciphering Russia's delivery of Tell Rifaat to Turkey

While speculation was rife this week about whether Turkey's next move in Syria would be toward Tell Rifaat or Manbij, Russia unexpectedly withdrew its troops March 27 from Tell Rifaat. The Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) now controls the area around Tell Rifaat, while according to unconfirmed reports, the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad control the city proper. The area is important for Ankara because the Menagh military air base in the city is a critical logistics point to reach northern Aleppo and Idlib. Thus, control provides the FSA with the strategic and psychological upper hand in the region. Source

How China’s New Stealth Fighter Could Soon Surpass the US F-22 Raptor

The J-20’s rapidly evolving combat capabilities could make it a world leading aerial warfare platform.
China’s Chengdu J-20 fifth generation air superiority fighter first entered service in early 2017, providing the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) with an analog to the U.S. F-22 Raptor. The platform was the first fifth generation fighter to enter service anywhere in the world outside the United States, and came equipped with state-of-the-art radar evading capabilities, avionics, and air-to-air missiles. The fighter’s canard configuration served to further enhance stealth capabilities while maintaining high levels of maneuverability. With less than a year having passed since the J-20 was inducted into service, the next generation platform has already received its first set of upgrades aimed at enhancing its combat performance. These upgrades are but the first of many to come, which could well lead the J-20 to become a world leading aerial warfare platform.
A notable shortcomin…


Savunma Sanayi İcra Komitesi, Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan başkanlığında toplandı. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi'nde basına kapalı gerçekleşen toplantıda, toplam bedeli 19 milyar lira (4,8 milyar dolar) olan 29 proje değerlendirildi. Savunma sanayini geliştirme, güçlendirme ve destekleme amaçlı muhtelif yatırım ve iyileştirme faaliyetleri de gözden geçirildi. Toplantıya, Başbakan Yardımcısı Fikri Işık, İçişleri Bakanı Süleyman Soylu, Milli Savunma Bakanı Nurettin Canikli, Cumhurbaşkanlığı Genel Sekreteri Fahri Kasırga, Başbakanlık Müsteşarı Fuat Oktay, İçişleri Bakanlığı Müsteşarı Muhterem İnce, Milli Savunma Bakanlığı Müsteşarı Ali Fidan ile Savunma Sanayii Müsteşarı İsmail Demir de katıldı. PROJELER DEĞERLENDİRİLDİ Toplantının ardından yapılan açıklamada, “Toplantıda, sınırlarımız içinde ve ülke sınırlarımızın güvencesi için sınır dışında harekatlarını başarıyla sürdüren ordumuzun ve güvenlik güçlerimizin gücüne güç katan yerli ve milli sistemlerimize yenilerini eklemeye yönelik…

Russian hi-tech firm to develop electromagnetic shells and air bombs

YEREVAN, March 30. /TASS/. Russia’s Tecmash Research and Production Group (part of state hi-tech corporation Rostec) intends to develop projectiles for multiple launch rocket systems and air bombs that will disable enemy electronics with an electromagnetic impulse, Tecmash Deputy CEO Alexander Kochkin said at the ArmHiTec-2018 on Friday. "This will be munitions’ filling. It will be possible to use it in tube artillery, multiple launch rocket systems and in aircraft-launched weapons," he said in response to a question from TASS about the company’s plans to create electromagnetic munitions. Such work was carried out before, including by the Splav Research and Production Association (part of Tecmash, the developer of multiple launch rocket systems) but the Russian Defense Ministry did not support the project. "So far, the customer is not placing an order with us for such work. They are content with the work on the ground-based and airborne electronic warfare means and the…

Tomorrow’s Technicals Will Be Chinese

The world’s largest automobile market is China, which also has one of fastest-growing auto industries. Likewise, higher-quality Chinese pickup trucks are spreading globally, which means they’re winding up in the hands of rebel groups. It’s only inevitable. This comes as China, seeking a growth market, has aggressively expanded its exports, notably in African countries where there are fewer car buyers. In 2017, Cameroon held its first car and pickup exhibition thanks to Chinese entrepreneur Lu Fuqing. It’s in the developing-world domestic markets that light pickups go from work trucks to the battlefield. In third-world warfare, pickup trucks have advantages over armored vehicles that require specialized maintenance and logistical supply lines that insurgent armies and special operations troops might not have on hand. Not so with a pickup. Simply hop in the driver’s seat, have your Kalashnikov-wielding friends hop in the back, and you will instantly achieve far greater fuel efficiency …

China’s AI ambitions are driving US innovation. So what’s America’s hold up?

China’s drive to lead the world in artificial intelligence is spurring American efforts keep its technological edge, especially when it comes to national security. A technology wave equivalent to the Industrial Revolution, electrification and mechanization, “intelligentization” has the potential to change the way wars are fought, as well as finance, medicine and transportation, said former Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work, now part of the Center for a New American Security’s Artificial Intelligence and Global Security Initiative. The national security nexus is more about economic competitiveness than weaponry, Work said. “We’re not going to approach this as though we’re in an AI arms race with China. But without question China is the pacing competitor in AI right now,” Work said. Still, just this month, Chinese media aired footage of military tests of a fleet of remote-controlled tanks, suggesting they could eventually be paired with AI systems. It was suggested China’s Type 59 tank,…

China teams up with Russia to develop rocket-launched reconnaissance drone

Russia’s Tecmash Research and Production Group has continued the experimental design work jointly with China to develop a reconnaissance drone launched inside a projectile of the Smerch multiple launch rocket system, Tecmash Deputy CEO Alexander Kochkin said at the ArmHiTec-2018 exhibition on Friday. As the Splav Research and Production Association (part of Tecmash) reported in February 2017, the company had developed a project on its own initiative to create an unmanned aerial vehicle launched inside a projectile of the Smerch MLRS. The drone is designed to reconnoiter targets and can hover at an altitude of 500 m for 20 minutes. Splav said at the time it expected a prospective customer to show interest in the project soon. While Russia’s Defense Ministry showed no interest in the project so far, China got interested in it, Kochkin said. "Joint experimental design work with the Chinese side is underway," he said. The joint work with China has been agreed with Russia’s Defe…

Azerbaijan Defense Minister visits Turkish Military Academy

The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov visited the Turkish Military Academy. The minister has met with the leadership of the Academy and the Azerbaijani cadets studying here. Azerbaijan Defense Minister was fully informed of the activities, as well as training and educational process of the Academy. The minister inquired about the level of training of our cadets and gave them his recommendations. Expressing satisfaction with the meeting, Colonel General Z. Hasanov emphasized the role of military educational institutions in the process of army construction in our countries. In the end, the Azerbaijani delegation had lunch with the cadets. News.Az

Skeptics Ask: Can Army Field Armed Robots By 2024?

BAE’s Armed Robotic Combat Vehicle Photo by: ARCV Can the Army develop a Robotic Combat Vehicle within six years? Some of the experts we spoke to were deeply skeptical, including veteran congressional staffers badly burned by past acquisition disasters. Some, however, said the Army’s goal was achievable — but the early models will require a lot of human oversight, especially when it’s time to pull the trigger. The Army has radicallyaccelerated its modernization plans overall, which several of our sources said was long overdue, even if they criticized specifics. But fielding a fighting robot is probably the most ambitious of the Army’s new objectives — which is saying something. A soldier mans a robot-carried machinegun during the Army’s PACMAN-I experiment in Hawaii. Three Rounds Last week, the head of the Army’s Cross Functional Team for ground combat vehicles, Brig. Gen. David Lesperance, told reporters he wanted a prototype Robotic Combat Vehicle next year, in 2019. This week, at the